Pre-Drywall Inspections

If you are in the process of building a new home, we recommend scheduling a pre-drywall inspection. “Pre-drywall” refers to a phase during the homebuilding process just after the installation of certain elements – such as the foundation, subflooring, wall and roof components, plumbing and electrical rough-in – and right before the drywall is hung. This allows us to identify any problems that would be hidden once the drywall is up. These problems are difficult and expensive to fix once the new home is completely finished.

Our team conducts pre-drywall inspections in the whole Charlotte Metro area, including Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC. We also will travel as far up as Denver, NC to do a pre-drywall inspection.

Check out this blog article our owner wrote discussing common objections builders give about third party inspections.

If you are curious about what a pre-drywall inspection report looks like, check out this sample report.

Pre-Drywall Inspections house under construction

Top 5 Defects Found during a Pre-Drywall Inspection

These affect the structural stability of the roof framing and require an engineer certificate.

Cracked slabs, like broken trusses, also affect the structure and need repair.

Roof shingles installed improperly, which can potentially cause the roof to leak or void the manufacturers warranty.

We frequently find the anchor bolts or straps, which keep the house structure attached to the foundation, improperly installed.

Without the drywall installed, we are able to find broken interior wall framing that otherwise would not be seen during the final inspection. We also frequently find improper cutting of the interior framing to allow for installation of plumbing or HVAC.