Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Avoid Costly Repairs with a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Building a new home is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be more expensive than anticipated when unforeseen repairs arise. Luckily, protecting your investment becomes significantly easier with a Builder’s Warranty inspection (also known as the 11-month warranty inspection) from New South Property Inspections.

Just because your home isn’t yet a year old doesn’t mean it’s free of underlying issues that may not be immediate to you. Reporting these issues to your builder before your warranty expires will allow your builder to make repairs at little to no cost to you.

Certified, Trained, Experienced

Your expert inspector is trained to identify any issues that may have been overlooked at your closing inspection. New South Property Inspections will evaluate your home from top to bottom to look for symptoms that might point to larger problems with its structure or major systems. Listed to the right are some common problem areas for new homes.

Home Inspection Matthews

of builders do not conduct construction inspections.

Even in a new home, there could be problems virtually anywhere — many that only a trained professional would recognize. Some of the most common defects are found in the following areas:

– Paint and caulking
– Doors and windows
– Heating and air conditioning
– Exterior walls
– Plumbing
– Floors, walls and ceilings
– Electrical
– Roofing
– Appliances
– Driveway
– Septic field
– Foundation
– Sewer system
– Landscaping