Commerical Inspections

If you are seeking to purchase or lease a commercial building, scheduling a commercial inspection is imperative before signing a contract or lease agreement. Hire a certified professional building inspector from New South Property Inspections, and we’ll empower you to make a confident decision. Call (704) 628-6601 or schedule online 24/7 using our easy to use scheduler. New South Property Inspections wants to help you maximize your investment and minimize risk.

We are the preferred choice for commercial inspections in Charlotte, Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas. We are a locally owned family business with over 30 years of experience dealing with commercial buildings.

Unlike franchise inspection companies, we don’t allow inexperienced newly licensed inspectors to perform any property condition assessments or inspections for our company. Our inspectors are required to have at least one year on the job training with an intensive focus on the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and ASTM guidelines regarding the assessment of commercial buildings and properties. This allows New South Property Inspections to provide you with a very thorough and professional report. The report focuses on the issues you need to know in order to make an informed decision. ALL of our inspection reports are delivered SAME DAY!

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With over 30 years of commercial real estate inspection experience, New South Property Inspections inspects apartments and multi-unit buildings. Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quadplexes are inspected just like a Single family residence, but we can also customize these inspections to the customers scope and specifications. Multi-unit buildings are inspected per your specifications. We can inspect a random sampling of units per building or every single unit in each building, customizing any way you would like. As a multi-inspector company, we often send a team of inspectors to inspect your building so that we can complete the inspection in most cases within a few hours. Our reports are always delivered SAME DAY as inspection! Ask any franchise inspection company if they can do that!

During a building’s construction, your financial institution may order commercial draw inspections at various stages of the process. This helps ensure that funds are being disbursed properly for the project and involves a due diligence confirmation of completion on the inspector’s part. This is often known as a percentage of completion inspection. Our inspectors also perform what is known as “phase” inspections. This type of inspections determines whether a certain stage of construction has been completed satisfactorily and properly. Examples of when this type of inspection may occur are at foundation completion, pre-drywall installation (to check for proper framing) and upon completion when the entire project is completed.

Buying or Selling a Warehouse building? ALL of our Inspectors have experience with steel post and frame buildings. This type of Inspection typically involves checking to make sure all connectors are properly installed and secured. We also check the condition of the roof and outer shell, and as with all buildings, we perform a visual inspection of the electrical system, foundation, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The most common defects found with this type of property is damaged exterior shell, roof damage, or improper installation and foundation issues.

Need a retail strip center or professional office building inspected? We specialize in retail or office space assessments to ensure that parking lots, roofing, plumbing, stairs, and HVAC systems are all in good working order. If not, we provide a detailed description of the defect noted and our recommendation to cure.

New South Property Inspections also inspects special purpose facilities. These type of facilities normally include church buildings, theaters, gyms, gas stations, dentist offices, bars, etc. We inspect it all, and you’ll receive a very thorough and detailed report via email the SAME DAY!

Similar to a multi-unit apartment inspections, the scope of hotel inspections can be completely customized per the buyer’s specifications. The buyer determines the number of hotel rooms and what common areas are to be inspected. We can also provide guidance on what we normally see with other investors that purchase these types of properties. Contact us and our helpful staff can have your inspection scheduled within minutes. We will assign our professional team of inspectors to knock out the job quickly and efficiently.

A commercial property assessment should be conducted PRIOR TO a tenant moving in so that the condition of the property may be documented with a PCA report (Property Condition Assessment). Likewise, when a Tenant moves out, another PCA should be conducted in order to determine and document the condition the Tenant left the property in. This will assist the client with retaining security deposits if needed and also help determine if renovations or repairs are required PRIOR TO leasing to a new tenant. New South Property Inspections has done hundreds of these types of inspections.