Commerical Inspections

Looking to buy or lease a commercial building? It’s a wise move to arrange a commercial inspection before sealing the deal. Enter a certified pro building inspector from New South Property Inspections. We’re all about helping you make the most of your investment while minimizing risks.

With 30+ years of experience inspecting commercial buildings, we’re the leading choice for such inspections in Charlotte, Matthews, NC, and nearby regions. What sets us apart is our exclusive use of skilled, licensed inspectors for commercial assessments. Our inspectors undergo at least a year of on-the-job training, strictly following InterNACHI Standards and ASTM guidelines for inspecting commercial properties. This attention to detail enables us to provide an exceptionally comprehensive report.

And here’s the kicker – that detailed report is in your hands on the SAME DAY. No waiting around. When it comes to your investment, we’re all about efficiency.

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Types of Commercial Inspections

At New South Property Inspections, we carry out inspections on apartments and multi-unit buildings. Whether it’s duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, or even single-family residences, our inspection process covers them all. But here’s the cool part – we’re all about tailoring these inspections to match what you’re after. So, for multi-unit buildings, we follow your lead. You want a random check of units in each building? No problem. Or maybe you want every single unit inspected? We’ve got you covered, all customized to your preferences.

Since we’ve got a team of inspectors, we often send them all to get the job done in just a few hours. Talk about efficiency, right? And the cherry on top – our reports? You’re getting those on the same day as the inspection. Bet you won’t find many franchise inspection companies pulling that off!

While a building is being constructed, your financial institution might arrange for commercial draw inspections at different stages of the process. This step helps ensure that the project’s funds are being allocated correctly. This is often referred to as a “percentage of completion” inspection. Our inspectors also handle what’s called “phase” inspections. These inspections aim to determine if specific construction stages have been carried out satisfactorily and correctly. For instance, they could take place when the foundation is finished, before drywall installation (to check the framing), and upon the project’s overall completion.

Looking to buy or sell a warehouse building? Rest assured, our inspectors are well-versed in steel post and frame buildings. In this kind of inspection, we dig into confirming the correct installation and securement of all connectors. Not to mention, we give the roof and outer shell a thorough check too. Just like with any building, we visually inspect the electrical system, foundation, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Some common defects include: damaged exterior shell, roof damage, or improper installation and foundation issues.

Need a retail strip center or professional office building inspected? We specialize in retail or office space assessments to ensure that parking lots, roofing, plumbing, stairs, and HVAC systems are all in good working order. If not, we provide a detailed description of the defect noted and our recommendation to cure.

Special purpose facilities include church buildings, theaters, gyms, gas stations, dentist offices, bars, etc.

Much like how we handle inspections for multi-unit apartments, hotel inspections are also totally adaptable based on what the buyer wants. You get to call the shots on how many hotel rooms and which common areas should be looked at. We’re also here to offer insights based on what we usually see with other property investors that purchase these types of places. Just reach out to us, and our friendly team will get your inspection all set up in no time. We’ll send over our expert team of inspectors to tackle the job swiftly and with great efficiency.

It’s crucial to carry out a commercial property assessment BEFORE a tenant moves in. This way, the property’s condition can be properly documented through a PCA report (Property Condition Assessment). Similarly, once a tenant moves out, another PCA should be done. This helps establish and record the condition the tenant left the property in. Doing this not only helps the client when it comes to holding onto security deposits if necessary, but also aids in figuring out if any renovations or repairs are necessary BEFORE getting a new tenant in.